King Lear was the king of Britain .. He had three daughters .. The eldest daughter .. Jonril married the Duke of Albany .. Central Reagan and daughter married the Duke of Cornwall .. The youngest daughter Cordelia was not married .. And submit to her engagement by the king of France, Duke Bergandi who were present Palace of King Lear when I started the events of the play.
King Lear, and then an old man over eighty years .. He felt that the time has come to Itkhvv the burdens of the rule of his kingdom, decided to divide the kingdom between his three daughters with the exact share of each of them according to what you're saying the words to express my love for her father ..
Thus, King Lear summoned his three daughters and asked each one of them to reflect the extent of her love to him As the eldest daughter Jonril was a great deal of cunning and savvy. And the ability to mincing words has said she loves, including her father, words fail to describe it, and dearest father of her eyes, freedom and life are all impressed by the words of King Lear Vohbha his eldest daughter and her husband the Duke of Albany, one-third of his kingdom
The middle daughter Reagan no less than her sister subtle and Dhaoua. Redecorating and the ability to speak, she said that all worldly pleasures which can not be compared only feel happy because of her love for her father .. He was impressed by King Lear words Vohbha middle daughter and her husband, the Duke of Cornwall the second third of his kingdom
The youngest daughter Cordelia is aware of the falsehood in the words of two sisters and know that each and every one of them said her elegant and Almzoukp desire to get the greatest part of the money her father .. Therefore affected is to be the love for her father's quiet and sincere at the same time and said she loves her father in the appropriate form as his daughter ..
King Lear stunned when he heard those words of his youngest daughter dry .. Cordelia was expected to be the words of this favorite daughter has more paper and most beautiful expression of words used by each of the two sisters
When asked the king that she refines and choose other words thin and beautiful Cordelia said she loves her father, who born to and the best bred and taught obedience and honesty and therefore can not say like two sisters that they do not like anyone else in this world, this means that it will limit her love for her father alone not like anyone else, even if her husband and her children ... but is love and must love every girl her father
Because King Lear, Lear was old age pyramid has hamstrung the ability to distinguish between the words right out of the sincere heart and pseudo-words may speak the tongue and thought that his daughter Cordelia snobs by Vill anger and decided to deprive them of access to any part of his kingdom, but gave the remaining third of the Kingdom Jonril equally between sisters and her husband the Duke of Albany and Reagan and her husband the Duke of Cornwall
King and the collection of all the men of the State who were minors and give them to his two daughters on the crown and the Great Central as a concession to them all powers to rule on that keeps it to himself simply as "the King and his right to live all his life for a month alternately in each of the palace with his two daughters and a hundred horsemen
Suffered minor nobles and men were very surprised by the king to act as such a sinner and non-sensible, and often mourned the fate of the youngest daughter Cordelia, who is more honest of the two sisters, however, had to face this sad fate .. But none of these nobles could not object to the conduct of King Vlsmoa silence or saying a word except I kent noble Earl, who was more noble sincerity of the king has dared to pronounce some words in the interest of good Cordelia king became angry and asked to remain silent and not ordered his execution
Earl did not care, Kent King of threatening his good breaks to advise the king, who was furious and ordered the expulsion of Earl and I was exiled from the palace of the whole country, and gave him five days to go and if he stayed in the kingdom until the sixth day will be hanged
The Cordelia Cordelia could now do not have only themselves refrained from Duke Bergandi asked her to marry the King of France, but a touch of the good conduct of her daughter with her father that they were sincere and honest and Rare Earth for the good that he insisted he asked her to become his wife and thus becomes queen of France
Farewell to Cordelia and her father and two sisters and asked them to be Rahimtin Babiahma Taamlah and treated well, and so on Cordelia deported to France, her heart full of sadness for the father and the determination you expect from the two sisters Almkhadotain
It seemed his King Lear for a month in the Palace of his eldest daughter Jonril to base the following month in the Central Palace daughter Reagan and then return to stay in the Palace of Jonril for a month and so
But before running out the first month spent in the Palace of King Lear, his eldest daughter began to discover the huge difference between the bitter reality and the false promises made by the daughter when it declared itself to accept the king's stay in the palace and with his horsemen cent
I've narrowed Aljahudp daughter of her father and his horsemen, but asked that the palace served disregard to meet his requests and pretend not to hear
The noble Earl, I have decided to stay in Britain to remain in hiding in the service of sovereign, took off his clothes and luxury dressed servants and arrogated to itself a new name is Chaos and joined the service of King Lear to be near him on a permanent basis
Chaos and chance that one of the servants at the behest of Jonril the same way the king had treated free of Chaos due respect so he immediately hit the server is not polite to the ground and thus won the Chaos server is at the same time Earl incognito you trust and love King Lear
And usually the kings of this time was the king retains Bmehrj Idgh often was this clown say words of fun making fun of the folly of the King, while section two gave them to his kingdom to daughters Jahd
Finally came the moment that the King Lear to understand the causes and motives of ill-treatment, which was treated by his daughter .. Jonril announced very clearly and all complained that they do not tolerate her father, who became Mkrva not tolerate his horsemen cent who Imlwn palace noise and did nothing but eat the food and said she could not bear the costs of all these knights and that it is better for the king, fire them all and keep only some of its senior Age of whom
King Lear was shocked after hearing this talk, abhorrent, and feel the extent of disobeying his daughter took the Jonril Inha and pray to God that deprive them of having children or to give birth to a daughter Tvegaha Cup humiliation to feel the suffering he perceives the fathers of their children because disobeying disobeys the Son cause severe pain to his parents from snake bite
King Lear and decided to leave the palace and his daughter Jonril horsemen to go with him and he lives with his daughter Reagan and Central servant Chaos Send a message to his daughter, requesting them to be prepared to receive it
But Jonril daughter sent another message to her sister, but asks them to receive her father, with all those knights and followers, and the server, which carries this letter is the same server which was hit by Chaos to the ground, so it thinks is in Chaos, and this messenger is the message carried by
Offset, however, when encountered near the Palace Reagan drew him violently insulted by the words and asked him to Ibarzh but the server refused to duel Chaos forced to broaden the beat
This quarrel is reached, which occurred between the Messenger and Messenger Jonril King to the attention of the Reagan and her husband, the Duke of Cornwall Vomra immediately arrest the King and the Messenger of Chaos to the intensity of the horrible torture machine
When he arrived, King Lear and his horsemen to the Palace of Reagan and his servant Caius users attached to a machine, his heart full of torture and fear and sadness when he asked to see his daughter and her husband's servants told him that they will not Mtaban they could meet The king became angry and took her anger shouting cries of desperate reflect all of what was truly feeling of humiliation and bitterness
Finally, Reagan's daughter came to greet him, but it was her sister Jonril Ttabt arm, which had arrived to incite against Reagan, against her father's knights retaining cent, therefore, breaking the heart of King Lear and flew his senses when he saw his two daughters Aqtin Taatarrien cruelty in it
Incandescent and MAG and Ahazzilleten threatened to raise his arms and help us and suddenly the sky darkened and the wind blew and lightning lightning and thunder echoed in the prospect and then King Lear lost his senses and announced that he wants to go out to face the dangers of an angry nature that would be better as he has to stay under one roof with his two daughters and rushed out and closed the door Alabntan minors from behind
The storm was getting worse the more incursion of King Lear in the road and intense rain and wind intensified and extended the land space in front of him as if they were endless, and took the king shouting in anger crazy top of his voice through the flashes of lightning and sounds of thunder and requests from the wind that much more and more land is received by the into the sea or to make the waves go up and above the earth to sink and topple them from humans who wallow in greed and ungrateful
King Lear is not alone in that storm was a clown who took with him making fun of nature, and the king himself and ask him to return to his two daughters, humiliated, to ask for forgiveness
The noble Earl, I was dressed in the server Chaos has come out is also in the storm looking for his master to save him from the old King of the devastating storm and when he found it was King at the height of his screams and mad and Chaos in vain tried to convince the King to enter the hut of the poor, sheltering it from the wrath of nature that by the king in the end
Inside the hut users Ahma poor King had fled to the cottage for sheltering the beggar was wearing a torn Hlahil that barely cover his body to be the king said that this man was endowed with everything to his daughters
Because any man can not come up to that miserable fate, but if the parents of the girls Jahaddat
After the storm calmed down His sincere noble Earl King Lear you to Dover Castle and asked some riders who are still loyal to the king and retain loyalty to him that they foster the king in his place because it will take a short
Earl and I sailed to France where he met the Queen's youngest daughter Cordelia of King Lear and the King of France, whom he married and he told her painful and unfortunate fate that befell the father because of the ingratitude and treatment and lack of respect and humiliation suffered by the king of the two sisters
Asked Queen Cordelia from her husband, King of France to provide it with a huge army to go by the British to topple the rule of two sisters Gahd King, agreed to prepare and equip the army required the army, and sailed down the coast to Dover
At that time was King Lear was able to escape the control of the Knights of Dover Castle and go into nearby fields becomes a case of Mad unfortunate was the highest voice sing songs have no meaning and he puts on his head a crown of straw
And launched some of the soldiers of the Army to look for Cordelia, King said he found him in that situation was very poor and desperate nostalgic to see Cordelia and her father, but the doctors had forbidden her to do so because of his poor Vuadthm that gives them everything they own of gold and jewelry, if her father had treated him back to normal
After the situation calmed down a little King Cordelia went to meet him was a meeting full of emotion between the king and his daughter told him she was faithful, which came to restore his rights ..
In the meantime, had been at odds between the two sisters Gahd Jonril, Reagan and because the two sisters were not been sincere to their father, they were also not been sincere to their husbands is surprising that they have signed in the sordid love of one man is the illegitimate son Edmund Earl of Gloucester and was the son has been able to usurp the rule of Gloucester from his brother Edgar, the legitimate heir to the rule of the province and dizzying events quickly
Matt Duke of Cornwall, Regan, whose daughter's husband immediately declared their intention to marry Edmund, who was on a previous relationship with her and her sister Jonril at the same time, therefore, Hakdt Jonril the sister and blinded by jealousy Vdst have poison and killed her
I knew when the Duke of Albany husband Jonril crime committed by his evil warrant for her arrest and execution, and so ended the evils of these two sisters Gahd
The loyal daughter Cordelia was defeated army in its war with the army of Edmund, who was captured and Cordelia Oadamha
And Matt King Lear grief for his daughter and died after the loyal Earl of Kent, who was disguised as a server Chaos grief over the death of his master and killed Edmund in a duel between him and the legitimate heir Edgar, who ruled the province recovered from her rapist brother
And became the Duke of Albany husband Jonril king of England