Goals for Jenadria
1-Emphasis on religious and social values rooted in the depths of history to imagine the championships.
2- To imagine the championships.
3- To recover Islamic customs and traditions offices urged by the religion of Islam.

4- Finding a formula to unity between tradition popular in all its aspects and the civilizational achievements experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the removal of barriers between the fictitious literary and artistic creation, between tradition and popular. To encourage the discovery of folklore and develop the wording and employment in the work of literary and artistic success.
5- To encourage interest in the popular heritage, and sponsored and polishing and a pledge to conserve and protect it from further loss of neglect
6- Work to refine the values inherited symbols People pay to the forefront of creative imagination in order to be accessible to creative options from inheritances colors functional art and literature.
7- Encourage the study of heritage treasures to benefit from the positive Kalsabr(الصبر and responsibility and self-reliance and to strengthen research in the mass exploitation of the environment of different sources
8- Work on the definition heritage by popular representation of the roles and self-perceived to be the picture clearer and deeper, and give a vivid picture of the past with all its cultural and artistic.