The differences between hamlet's play & hamlet movie in Act 2

In text scene 2 it begins with the king talking with Guildenstern and Rosencrantz in order to spy on Hamlet but in the movie Polonius is telling the king and queen about Hamlet's madness.
The soliloquy to be or not to be moved from act 3 in the text to act 2 in the movie.
In the text there is a conversation between Polonius and his servant but it deleted in the movie.
In the text there is a conversation between Hamlet and his friend Horatio when Hamlet talks about the story of revenge.
In scene 1 the director has Polonius spy on Ophelia and Hamlet, and this is how he learns of Hamlet's strange visit with his daughter and Hamlet's madness. In the text Ophelia informs Polonius about Hamlet's madness.
Hamlet starts behaving strangely, as to give the impression that he's mad, although he only does this when he knows he's observed. He breaks up with Ophelia because he's still haunted by his mother's act of marrying her husband's killer, and he blames all women.
However, when he meets Ophelia as her father planned, he's a little sorry that she gave him back his gifts. Only when he notices he's being observed, he starts behaving like a lunatic and scares her.
This makes the king decide he's mad and want to get rid of him. Luckily, he heard the plans and knows what to expect