The differences between hamlet's play & hamlet movie in Act 1

In the original play, the burial scene isn't present, as the play starts by introducing the ghost of the former king. Both the play's & the movie's introductions give the audience a feeling that something is wrong, although the movie gives much more details. In the play, this information isn't present & the king could pass as a positive character. Another reason for this is the scene where the marriage is announced, & Hamlet's presence in it. Both the king & queen speak to the prince, trying to convince him to stay, & it would appear that the king really means what he says, & cares about him. In the movie, Hamlet & the royal pair are alone, when they try to convince him not to go back to the university. He doesn't succeed in convincing Hamlet to stay. Hamlet is persuaded by Gertrude to stay, & he seems very hesitant & undecided about what his attitude should be. He almost gives in to her as he accepts her embrace. At this point, he exhibits the symptoms of a depression, unlike in the play, where the formality of the scene doesn't allow him to show his feelings. The film also shows Gertrude as a loving mother who wants her son around her. The movie continues to expand Hamlet's profile by letting the public see his hesitations, fears & hopes .There are differences between the ghost scenes in the play & the movie. In the play, Hamlet talks to the ghost & encourages it to speak, whereas in the movie he's too shocked to speak. This appears to be a more natural response, considering the circumstances of this encounter. When the ghost disappears, Hamlet swears that he'll remember his father. He's both desperate at the thought of what happened - his father's murder & his damnation - & angry with Claudius. This anger is well expressed in the movie when Hamlet hits with his sword some stones . In the play, it appears that Hamlet is standing on the battlement & delivering his speech without any external signs of rage.